Where do you get those T-Shirts?!

People sometimes ask where I get the T-shirts I wear in my videos. Here are links to as many as I could find, and I realize it's not all of them, but I will keep adding more as I find them or get new shirts!

Full disclosure, guys: This page contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission if you use those links to make a purchase. It's a great way to support me, and I really appreciate it!

Star Wars™ Shirts

Star Wars - A New Hope (Traditional Chinese Poster)

I enjoy getting Star Wars shirts in different languages, so I was excited to find this one!

Star Wars Classic Logo and TIE Fighter

This is one of my favorites, and I have had it for a long time.

Millennium Falcon Detailed Drawing

Lots of people seem to have this one - people tell me they have this shirt a lot.

1977 Logo with Rainbow and X-Wing

This one was a gift, and it quickly moved to the top of the list of favorites for me.

Toy Box Panels

I love this one, and it's one of the softest shirts I own. Idk if this batch was just printed on really soft shirts or what!

Retro Gradient Logo

Idk, I just like the style of this one. It's sort of pixelated.

Video Game Style "Fine Here"

This one just makes me laugh. Classic line in a retro video game style.

Thrawn Head Shot

Thrawn is one of my favorite characters! I am a Timothy Zahn fan from way back.

Vintage Imperial AT-AT Battle of Hoth

Simple shirt, but I like it. Empire Strikes Back has always been my favorite movie.

Death Star Schematics

This is an old one. I might have to order a new one myself because it's getting worn out after many (!) years.

Aurebesh Message

Can you read what this says? (This isn't official SW merch, but I like it.)


My favortie droid, C1-10P. (Another shirt that isn't official merch.)

Millennium Falcon Vintage 1977

I am surprised how many people ask about this one! I wouldn't have guessed it was such a popular style!

TeeTurtle Star Wars™ Shirts

So Uncivilized

This one was too cute to turn down. Who needs blasters?

Ahsoka & Vader

I'll get almost anything with Ahsoka on it, and this one is just cool.

Cloaked Ahsoka Tano

Ahsoka is a bad-ass, even when they try to make her cute!

Leia and Ewoks

This one just makes my heart happy. I <3 Leia.

Punch It

I needed this one as soon as I saw it. Chewie looks amazing.

Sometimes I Amaze Even Myself

This shirt is just silly, but I like it anyway.

Calm down, Anakin

I LOL'd when I saw this shirt. Probably the only way I wear a shirt with just Anakin on it!

Anakin's Reflection

The Anakin / Vader reflection or shadow thing has been done a lot, but I like this one.

Miscellaneous Shirts

Ally T-Shirt

I am an ally. If you are, too, maybe pick up a shirt to let others know.

Were you looking for a josemonkey shirt?

Still can't find the shirt you're looking for?

If you didn't see the shirt you're looking for, it's either because I can't find a link or because I haven't had a chance to add it to this page yet. Keep checking back from time to time as I make updates!