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Who is josemonkey?

I am a content creator, an online privacy and safety advocate, and an amateur OSINT researcher. While I have no formal training or professional experience in the field, I have been an avid geolocation hobbyist for more than ten years.

Most people know me from my videos in which I pinpoint the location where user-submitted videos were recorded based on the clues I observe. For each video, I explain my approach to figuring out that specific location, and I talk about what information and tools I used to do it. These videos have been seen by millions of people around the world.

Perhaps the easiest way to understand what I do is to just watch one of my videos.

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Want to be found?

If you'd like me to find a video for you, here's how you should ask me to do it.

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The Good Stuff

If you're here, I suspect you're looking for one of these things!

TikTok is kinda my home base. Check out my library of videos there.

I'm on YouTube, too, if you prefer that platform for your video content!

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If you're looking for a shirt you saw me wearing in a video, check here!

Check out the map of all of the places I've found so far from the videos I've been tagged in.

When I have something to say and I don't feel like making video about it, I usually post it to Threads.

If you want a fancy sign to hold up in your videos, get one right here! If you don't have a printer, just hold up your phone or iPad. 😜

I am still on Twitter, but not as active there. No, I won't ever call it X.

I sometimes share projects I'm working on. Not necessarily related to geolocation!

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Articles & Interviews

I've been interviewed and / or mentioned in a few articles, and I have appeared on a few podcasts, too. Here are some of the more recent ones.

‘Find me JoseMonkey’: This TikTok geo-influencer can find you anywhere

While I would never make the claim that I can "find you anywhere" 😅 I really like the way Maya Eaglin from NBC Stay Tuned told my story.

Josemonkey Knows Where You Are!

Neil Delamere and Dave Moore cover an eclectic mix of topics on the "Why Would You Tell Me That?" podcast. They asked me to join them for episode 2 of their fifth season so I could tell them a bit about myself and what I do. You can find links to their podcast on all the usual platforms here.

‘Geoinfluencers’ Rising

Trajectory, the official magazine of the United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF), published this article on social media influencers who specialize in GEOINT. I was one of the people interviewed for that piece.

GEOINT for funsies with Josemonkey

NeedleStack is a podcast for open-source researchers. I appeared on episode S2E48 of the podcast and had a fun conversation with host Jeff Philips and producer Aubrey Byron.

Get in Touch

I am available for interviews, collaborations, and speaking engagements, and I am happy to consider potential brand sponsorship opportunities.

You can also follow me in all the online places you’d expect to find me. See the links above. 😀

Serious business inquires can be sent to

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